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Ukrainians pushing forward

VOLODOMYR ZELENSKY, President of Ukraine.

Ukrainian President Volodomyr Zelensky vowed on Sunday that his nation’s armed forces wouldn’t stop until they had reclaimed all the territory taken by Russia.

His remarks came as his nation took control of settlements in the Kherson region, where Ukrainian forces have driven Russian occupiers from the city of Kherson with a powerful counteroffensive.

According to United Press International, bomb-disposal units have removed and disarmed over 2,000 explosive devices left behind by the invaders.

Police and other public agencies are moving to “stabilize” the situation in the city of Kherson/

House leaning red, but …

Although Republicans are widely expected to win a majority in the House of Representatives, it hasn’t quite happened yet. 

According to The New York Times, as of Sunday evening GOP candidates have won 212 seats and Democrats 204 of the 218 needed to control the lower house of Congress.

Democrats have secured a working majority of 50 seats in the Senate.

Sports: Rams lose to Cardinals, 27-17

Playing without starting quarterback Matthew Stafford, the Los Angeles Rams struggled Sunday at SoFi Stadium and lost 27-17 to the Arizona Cardinals.

Now 3-6, the Rams have lost three straight, and – to add to the bad news – all-Pro wide receiver Cooper Kupp left the game with an apparent ankle injury.

On Sunday night, the Los Angeles Chargers play the San Francisco 49ers. Check back later for the result.

Bulldogs are first: Georgia (10-0) remained atop this week’s AP Top 25 football poll after defeating Mississippi State 45-19. The rest of the top five are Ohio State (10-0), Michigan (10-0), TCU (10-0) and Tennessee (9-1).

USC (9-1) moved up to seventh after beating Colorado, UCLA (8-2) dropped seven places to 16th after losing 34-28 to Arizona.

Weather: Sunny skies continue

The outlook for the West Orange County area is for sunny skies for the coming week. The National Weather Service’s forecast for Monday is for a daytime high of 69 with an overnight low of 47. Tuesday will be similar at 69 (50). Wednesday will see a warming trend to 76 (48).


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