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State of Union on Tuesday

PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN will deliver his “State of the Union” address on Tuesday.

President Joe Biden will make his State of the Union address to the Congress and the nation on Tuesday.

He will make his nationally televised speech before a joint session of a national legislature divided between a Senate controlled by Democrats and a House of Representatives controlled by Republicans.

According to The New York Times, Biden will use the opportunity to call for unity and bipartisan compromises, although some observers wonder if that’s possible in a divided national and political landscape.

Pardons for Iranian protestors?

UPRISING in Tehran, capital of Iran (Wikipedia).

“Tens of thousands” of protestors arrested in protest against the strict Islamic government of Iran will be pardoned, the government news agency announced on Sunday.

United Press International reports that the Ayatollah Syyed Ali Khamenei – Iran’s supreme leader – made the decision. The protests followed the death of a woman who died in police custody after being arrested for improperly wearing a hijab (head covering required of women).

Also in the news … Beyonce won her 31st Grammy Award Sunday night at the annual music industry awards event, tying for most wins.

Sports: Pro Bowl Games a different thing

The old Pro Bowl, featuring all-star teams who played half-speed at the end of the season gave way on Sunday to a re-imagined “Pro Bowl Games” featuring various skills games – some of them silly – wrapped around by three flag football games which determined which conference “won.”

The NFC flag team came from behind to defeat the AFC by the score of 35-33. The teams were coached by Eli Manning (NFC) and Peyton Manning (AFC). Players on the winning side each earned $88,000; the losers pocketing $44,000.

Weather: Sunny times four

The West Orange County area will be getting sunny and warmer days for a while. The forecast calls for sunny days from Monday through Thursday. On Monday the daytime high is expected to be 69, with an overnight low of 46. The thermometer climbs after that to 73 (Tuesday), 75 (Wednesday), 80 (Thursday) with overnight lows topping at 51.

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