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Putin pushes back on Ukraine

VLADIMIR PUTIN, president of Russia. (Shutterstock).

Prompted perhaps by U.S. President Joe Biden’s trip to Ukraine and his vows of support for that nation, Russian President Vladimir Putin said he wouldn’t change his country’s invasion of its neighbor.

According to the Associated Press, he said, “We aren’t fighting the Ukrainian people. The Ukrainian people have become hostages of the Kyiv regime and its Western masters, which have effectively occupied the country.”

Putin concluded his speech by announcing that Russia would suspend its participation in a new arms control treaty, according to The New York Times.

Social media liability before court

U.S. SUPREME COURT building in Washington, D.C.

Two cases are before the U.S. Supreme Court on whether  social media companies such as Facebook and Twitter could be held liable for promoting content which could be said to promote violence or terrorism. 

According to United Press International, at present under the Community Decency Act, social media agencies weren’t responsible for content posted by the general public.

Also in the news … The recent – and anticipated – wet weather that Southern California has experienced is replenishing reservoirs, according to USA Today, but current climate planners indicate generally dry conditions overall.

Sports: Ducks shot down by Lightning

The Anaheim Ducks continued their descent into the bottom of the National Hockey League on Tuesday night, losing 6-1 to the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Ryan Strome scored the lone Ducks’ goal. The team is 17-34-7, worth 41 points and ties them with two other teams for the worst records in the NHL.

Weather: Blustery days coming

Winter-y days are here for the West Orange County. area. Wednesday should be cloudy and windy with a daytime high of 57 and an overnight low of 43. On Thursday the sky should turn to showers with a high of 53 and a low of 47. Friday is expected to bring rain and wind with a high of 56 and a low of 48.

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