Garden Grove

Scott’s farewell tour ends

MAYOR STEVE JONES presents certificate of recognition to Scott Stiles (Orange County Tribune photo).

“Farewell tours” usually mark the conclusion of a sports figure’s career, but for Scott Stiles, the goodbyes he made at a recent community gathering and on Tuesday at the Garden Grove City Council were steps toward another stage in his career as he moves to become the city manager of Palm Springs.

Stiles thanked the city council for its support for “a wonderful relationship” and praised it as being an example for other other county cities.

He congratulated new City Manager Lisa Kim. “It’s an awesome job,” he said. “Lots of challenges. I know you’re going to do very well.”

Stiles went on to praise the community. “Garden Grove is not the richest community in Orange County. It doesn’t feel entitled,” he said. “But if you show you care about the community, they will embrace you.”

There were compliments and thanks to family members, whose lives were sometimes interrupted by the press of city business on him, and praise for city staff members.

In winding up his farewell remarks, he offered this teaser. “I’ll be watching you from just over the San Jacinto Mountains,” and added, “I’ve one daughter at Chapman [University], so you just might see me wandering around.”

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