Hanks, billboards, Stanton’s rep

HOW GLASSELL STREET  looked when re-dressed as 1964 Erie, Pennsylvania in the 1996 Tom Hanks  film “That Thing You Do.”

A little of this, a little of that …

Highly recommend the new novel by Tom Hanks, “The Making of a Major Motion Picture.” Not only is it an entertaining story with major insights into the film industry, it makes several references to Orange County, including Orange and Huntington Beach.

The film “That Thing You Do,” written and directed by Hanks (he also had a supporting role) used Old Town Orange (Glassell and Chapman) for many of its scenes on the basis that it resembled Erie, Pennsylvania, where the story is set.

One of the more remarkable exchanges at a city council meeting took place in Westminster last week. After several city council members – the majority in fact – pushed back against a proposal to raise money for the city by renting space on city property for electronic billboards, City Manager Christine Cordon snapped, “This is insulting,” and suggested that if said council members felt they knew better, they should apply for jobs in planning.

Ouch. But Cordon, who came to the city hall as city clerk and rose to the top job, is not easily intimidated.

Westminster, sad to say, goes through city managers like I go through Cheez-Its. If the present council majority doesn’t show a bit more professional respect for her very good performance in a very tough situation, perhaps she’ll will find greener – and more appreciative – pastures elsewhere.

The Los Angeles Times recently published a feature about Beach Boulevard in north Orange County, giving particular attention to the sketchy motels along that street and efforts to turn eyesores into eye-catching.

Rodeo 39, a hip foodie hall in Stanton on Beach drew much favorable comment, as an example of how that city was improving its image. 

While it didn’t replace a flophouse-motel, it is a big boon to the almost-abandoned shopping center that was re-invented imaginatively. It’s always nice to be recognized.

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