Trash pickup fees raised


By Jamilyn Moreau/Orange County Tribune

A rate increase for trash pickup that will cost the average homeowner 93 cents more a month was approved by the Stanton City Council on Tuesday night

CR&R, the company that handles the collection and recycling of trash, requested the increased rates from the City of Stanton to account for the increased cost of complying with certain new organic waste mandates.

Despite residents protesting the rate increase, the city council voted unanimously to pass the agenda item.

Among the public comments, 50-year resident Elizabeth Ash spoke on behalf of her neighbors, who felt it was not in good faith to hold the public hearing 11 days after the rate increase was enacted on Sept. 1.

Mayor David Shawver promised to keep an eye on the rates and stated that the new contract is “one of the best agreements we’ve ever had in the City of Stanton.”

There were two public comments during the oral communication portion, including one upset resident over the lack of security due to a broken light lasting 17 months on the dark street behind her house, despite her complaining at various council meetings.

The next regularly scheduled meeting of the council is set for Tuesday, Sept. 26.

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