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Hillary Clinton to be Democratic nominee

HILLARY CLINTON will be the first woman ever nominated by a major political party for president (Clinton campaign photo).

HILLARY CLINTON will be the first woman ever nominated by a major political party for president (Clinton campaign photo).

The history-making nomination of Hillary Clinton as the first woman to be the presidential nominee of a major American political party is on the docket of Tuesday’s session of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. The process will begin with nomination speeches on behalf of candidates, then a roll call.

After Hillary Clinton is – presumably – confirmed, her husband, former President Bill Clinton will speak. After OCT Miidday News Briefsspeeches Monday by Michelle Obama, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, Democrats hope that the tension between die-hard Sanders supporters and the rest of the party will subside, at least for the rest of the convention. The average of recent polls posted by the Real Clear Politics site puts Republican nominee Donald Trump ahead of Clinton by 0.9 percent in a two-way race. In a four-way race with Libertarian and Green party candidates, Clinton leads by 0.2 percent. The liberal Huffington Post site has Clinton ahead by 2.1 percent in a two-way race. The New York Times’ The Upshot column puts Clinton ahead by two percentage points.


An 85-year old priest in the Normandy region of France was killed Tuesday morning by a man who slit the cleric’s throat. The Islamic State group, also known as ISIS and ISIL, took credit for the murder. The two attackers were then fatally shot by police, according to the Associated Press. “To attack a church, to killed a priest, is to profane the republic,” said French President Francois Hollande. A nun present for a Mass said that attackers filmed themselves and gave a sermon in Arabic. In addition to the death of Rev. Jacques Hamel, an 86-year-old parishoner, was wounded.


In Sagamihara, Japan, a man recently fired from his job went into his former place of employment early Tuesday and stabbed 19 people to death before surrendering to police. The attack took place at a home for the mentally disabled, according to the AP. The suspect was indentified as Satoshu Uematsu, 26, who was fired in February. It’s being called the worst mass killing in Japan since the end of the Second World War.


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