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30 hopefuls surface for local offices

THIRTY candidates for local office have appeared for far for the Nov. 8 election.

THIRTY candidates for local office have appeared for far for the Nov. 8 election.

One week into the process, 30 potential candidates for local offices in Garden Grove, Huntington Beach and Westminster have emerged for the Nov. 8 general election.

The biggest field is in Huntington Beach where 10 candidates have indicated interest in three seats on the city council. In Garden Grove there are 11 hopefuls for four seats (including the mayorship), and eight in Westminster for three council posts (also including the mayor’s job).

Here are the potential candidates. To make the ballot, a candidate must submit to the city clerk a petition bearing the name of at least 20 signatures of registered voters in the city of which they intend to seek office.

As of midday Tuesday, here’s the list:

HB color logo letters3Huntington Beach

For city council

  • Alexander Polsky
  • Jim Katapodis (incumbent)
  • Amory Hanson
  • Karen Leighton
  • Lyn Semeta
  • Patrick Brendan
  • Joe Carchio
  • Jill Hardy (inc.)
  • David Sullivan (inc.)
  • Aleksandr Donovan
  • Sophia Rangel

For city treasuer

  • Alisa Cutchen (inc.)

For city clerk

  • Robin Estanislau

GG-Logo_lgGarden Grove

For mayor

  • Albert Ayala
  • Donald Taylor
  • Steve Jones

For city council

District 2

  • John O’Neill

District 3

  • Clay Bock, Dui Nguyen

District 5

  • Zach Barrett
  • Demian Garcia-Monroy

District 6

  • Rickk Montoya

Brodie's ART Template MASTERWestminster

For mayor

  • Raymond Delacerdo
  • Margie Rice
  • Tri Ta (inc.)

For city council

  • Diana Carey (inc.)
  • Sergio Contreras (inc.)
  • Kimberly Ho
  • Mark Lawrence
  • Tom Luong


An update for local school districts will be posted on Wednesday.



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