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Big jump in new hires across the U.S.

THE JOBLESS in America dropped to 4.9 percent as employers hired 255,000 people in July.

THE JOBLESS rate in America dropped to 4.9 percent as employers hired 255,000 people in July.

Over a quarter of a million new jobs were added in America in July, suggesting that the economy wasn’t slowing down as much as feared. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, employers added 255,000 people to their payrolls, Midday News Updatedropping the unemployment rate to 4.9 percent. The report issued Friday said that nearly all new job seekers have been hired. Biggest gains were in the field of professional and business services, which includes managers, architects and engineers. That showed a jump of 70,000 new hires. The good news sent the Dow Jones average up by 160 in trading this morning. Average hourly pay also ticked up in July by 2.6 percent, the biggest increase since 2009.




A survey of young Americans released Friday suggested that many in that age group think that Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton knew she was breaking the law when she used a private e-mail server for her correspondence while secretary of state. The GenForward poll showed that overall 43 percent felt that way, while 20 percent thought she did it unintentionally. Another 27 percent said she showed poor judgment but didn’t break the law, and 8 percent said she did nothing wrong. Whites tended to believe her actions were intentional; non-whites did not.


The Chicago Police Department on Friday released a video of an incident in which an 18-year-old suspected car thief was fatally shot by officers. According to the Associated Press, the video showed officers chasing Paul O’Neal on foot after he allegedly led police on a chase in a stolen vehicle, which then crashed into a police cruiser. One of the officer’s body cameras was not working. The video released did not show the shooting. The Independent Police Review Authority’s head called the footage “shocking and disturbing.”

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