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Brazil president fights impeachment

DILMA ROUSSEFF celebrates her 2010 election to the presidency of Brazil.

DILMA ROUSSEFF celebrates her 2010 election to the presidency of Brazil.

The embattled president of Brazil appealed to that nation’s Senate Monday, which is deciding whether to remove her from office. According to the Associated Press, Dilma Rousseff said “I know I will be Midday News Updatejudged, but my conscience is clear. I did not commit a crime,” at her impeachment trial. Brazil’s first woman president, she is facing charges of financial manipulation with government funds. Under the constitution, an impeached president is temporarily suspended from office while the vice president becomes acting president. Rousseff, the standard-bearer of the Workers Party, claimed that allegations against her were politically motivated and called the impeachment proceedings a “coup d’etat.”




The wife of former New York Congressman Anthony Weiner is seeking a separation after reports surfaced that he had again been involved in sending sexually suggestive texts and images to another woman. Huma Abedin, an aide to Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, made the announcement Monday after the New York Post placed the allegations on the front page. Weiner resigned from Congress in 2011 when it was discovered he was sending sexual messages to women. He ran unsuccessfully for mayor of New York City in 2013.


Pope Francis met with Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Facebook on Monday in Vatican City, according to the AP. The conversation centered on “how to use communication technologies to alleviate poverty, encourage a culture of encounter, and make a message of hope arrive, especially to those most in need,” according to a Vatican spokesman. Facebook, started as an ice-breaker at Harvard University, now has over 1 billion users worldwide.


Planning to attend college soon, or send your son or daughter to higher education? The Princeton Review –not affiliated with the university – on Monday released its list of student-recommended “bests.” If you like good food, head to Amherst in Massachusetts. Want to party hearty? University of Wisconsin in Madison. Don’t care to drink at all? Brigham Young may be the ticket. Want to be happy? Rice University students in Texas are smiling the most. The best athletic facilities are said to be at Penn State, but …

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