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Clay Bock, GG city council candidate

CANDIDATE PROFILES for city offices in Garden Grove, Huntington Beach and Westminster.

CANDIDATE PROFILES for city offices in Garden Grove, Huntington Beach and Westminster.

Note to readers: The Orange County Tribune is posting the results of questionnaires sent to candidates for city office in Garden Grove, Huntington Beach and Westminster as a public service. These are not paid political ads and do not imply endorsement. They are being posted in the order in which they are received.

Candidate:  Clay Bock

CLAY BOCK, candidate for Garden Grove City Council.

CLAY BOCK, candidate for Garden Grove City Council.

Running For: Garden Grove City Council, District 3

Age: 61

Occupation: Small Business Owner, Integrity Jewelers & Integrity Fundraising

Family: Married, Mary Ann , two daughters, Alicia & Ashley

Community Service:

Board Member of the SA Kiwanis,

President of OC Citizens Commission on Human Rights

Volunteer minister with my church

Past Board member of the Eli Home

Why Running:

I’ve lived here in Garden Grove in District 3 for 30 years and my wife and I work in our businesses here and have been members of the Chamber of Commerce for 19 years. I really didn’t plan on running for City Council up until 3 months ago when I was approached by some community members to do so. How it came about was I became aware there were 3 pot shops in the shopping center where my dry cleaners is located. We have a ban on these shops so I called the city and found out that our current mayor was trying to legalize marijuana in Garden Grove. I went to every council meeting over next three months and brought people to speak against this and want to  thank the council for a 3 to 2 vote against moving forward to legalizing it here. To this day we still have around 25 illegal shops operating in our city. I’m not against medical marijuana or even adults who choose to  use it. It is extremely bad for our families whose children who can obtain it much to easily as we heard from Garden Grove School district personnel that expulsions of our students for being under the influence and possessing the drug on our school campuses has increased tremendously.

I do know my district from the dilapidated abandoned Vons  Pavilion on the North end which has a homeless encampment behind it which needs to be addressed immediately to the South end  where beautiful Garden Grove Park is located which is the Home of our Garden Grove Bull Dogs Pop Warner football team that has helped so many of our children and all the neighborhoods between.  I think districts are a positive for our city because residents will have one councilman who is responsible for listening  to their concerns and represent them in getting them addressed along with representing the whole city.

We have to maintain our roads and parks and increase our code enforcement which has become lax, to keep up our neighborhoods.

Crime has increased over 40% the last few years. We are at least 20 officers short for a city of our size.  We must move forward with a task force to address this as safety for our families is my number one concern. We need to convene a task force made up of citizens and police and city personnel. We have a police sponsored neighborhood watch program and I would like to see 10 active programs in each district to start with immediately.  Call the Garden Grove Police Department’s Community Liaison Division (714) 741-5761 to set a date for yours.

We do have a budget deficit in our city which must be addressed immediately. On the positive side we have some great expansions in our resort areas which will bring in millions of dollars to help address this issue.

Children are our future and I fully support  programs, sports and educational activities for Garden Grove children.

Endorsements: Mayor  Bill Dalton “I fully support Clay Bock, I’ve known him for 30 years and he will be a fine council member.”

Past Garden Grove Chamber President Buddy Hamlin, Past Garden Grove Councilwoman Dian Nguyen

Maureen Blackmum, President of the Garden Grove Neighborhood Association

For more endorsements and information about me go to www.claybock.com & Facebook  claybockgg

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