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Sand castles rise on Main Street

THE EASTER BUNNY gets a nod in this sand sculpture Saturday on Main Street in Huntington Beach (OC Tribune photo).

You’re never too old to build castles in the sand. In that spirit, the Huntington Beach Downtown Business Improvement District sponsored the “Sand Castles on Main” event Saturday.

FAMILIES worked together to build sand castles on Saturday on Main Street (OC Tribune photo).

Located one block north of Pacific Coast Highway on Main Street, the event had teams creating their dream palace out of beach sand and competing for prizes.

A $25 entry fee got participants a six-foot long table, 300 lbs. of sand, some molds and tools and professional guidance. Also included was a $25 gift voucher to receive a gift card to the downtown business of your choice.

The event was held from noon to 4 p.m. and teams competed in the categories of business, family, youth group (and younger) and “big kids” (16 to 106 years old).

Some of the teams built traditional sand castles, but one group created a structure modeled on an Easter Bunny, appropriately enough for the day before Easter. Main Street was closed to car traffic as the sculptors worked and passersby looked on.

DIFFERENT styles of granular architecture were on display on Main Street (OC Tribune photo).

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