Huntington Beach

Police warn of man in black sedan

HUNTINGTON BEACH police are warning parents and young females of a man (or men) approaching girls while he drove a dark sedan.

Huntington Beach police are warning residents about a potential predator seeking out young women walking along city streets. They cite two incidents recently in which a man – or men – approached the females are offered them money.

The first incident occurred on Tuesday (April 25) at 2:40 p.m. when a teenage girl walking along Hamilton Avenue near the Beach Cities Church was approached by a man in a small black sedan. The driver – described as a make Hispanic, 25 to 30 years old – reportedly asked for directions, complimented her on her looks and asked her if she wanted to make some money. She declined and the car left.

On Friday, April 28, at 2:35 p.m., a teenage girl was walking in the area of Polynesian and Regatta streets when she was approached by a person driving a dark-colored older model sedan. He offered her money to get into his vehicle; she said no and ran a way.

The driver was described as an Hispanic male in his early 30s with an average build, dark short hair, and slight Hispanic accent. He was wearing a red shirt. Edison High School has been notified of both incidents.

Police are urging parents and students to take these precautions:

  • If someone follows you, get away from them as quickly as you can. If that person is in a car, turn around and go in the other direction. Tell your parents or teacher what happened.
    • If someone tries to force you to go somewhere, get away from them and yell as loud as you can, “This person is not my father/mother!” Keep yelling until someone else comes.
    • Never leave school with someone you don’t feel comfortable with or know, even if that person says it’s an emergency. Don’t go until you check with your parents or teacher.
    • If you want to change your plans after school, always check with your parents first.
    • Never help a stranger look for a missing pet.
    • Identify some safe places to go en route to/from school in case the need arises.


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