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Big food at the Board & Brew in HB

BOARD & BREW sandwich eatery on Beach Boulevard in Huntington Beach (OC Tribune photo).

By Jim and Marilyn Tortolano

Like hamburgers before it, the submarine sandwich has conquered a central spot in the fast food landscape. And like the burgers before it, the less expensive and more widely marketed the version, the less real taste you got.

Subway, which dominates the market with 44,000 stores across the nation, has a decent product, but who goes out to lunch and says, “Oh, yeah! Let’s go get one of their sandwiches. They’re great!”

You may be more enthusiastic about a new entry in the sub race in the West Orange County area, and that’s Board & Brew. There are 14 locations in Southern California and one opened recently in Huntington Beach in the Newland Center at 19720 Beach Blvd. (just south of Yorktown Avenue and north of Adams Avenue).

B&B aims at a different audience than Subway, Jersey Mike’s or Jimmy John’s. It’s more upscale, caters more to the sit-down diner rather than the grab-and-run clientele. In fact, it’s much more on the model of “fast-and-casual” rather than the older fast food plan.

The interior is large, colorful and cheerful, with a mild surf and skater vibe. There are TV screens to watch sports, and a wide and distinctive menu. You order at a counter and the food is delivered to your table. There’s a big patio for nice days.

Sub choices included The Turkado (turkey and avocado), Tom’s Choice (roast beef and turkey breast), Tub O’Tuna (tuna with avocado) and Vegi Supreme (cheese, cucumber, lettuce, tomato, sprouts and avocado on squaw bread).

But there’s more: seven grilled sandwiches including Left Coast Pastrami, Baja Chicken and Roast Beef Spicy. Salads are also available as well as a nice selection of local craft beers. That’s especially appreciated if what you’re there for is to watch some football while you eat and knock back an IPA or two.

THE BRIGHT interior of Board & Brew in Huntington Beach (OC Tribune photo).

We tried a couple of cold sandwiches: Jim had the Italian Sub (no surprise there!) and Marilyn ordered a Tom’s Choice. The ingredients were plentiful, fresh and tasty, but our team had a split decision on the chow. Jim liked his sandwich a lot and Marilyn – while rating it ahead of Subway – was less enthusiastic. “It’s just a sandwich,” she said.

One thing they could agree on was the size of the meal; unless you are a very hearty eater, you may find yourself taking the second half of your order home for you or the pet.

Prices are a cut above the competition, although not outrageous. The basic Italian sub goes for $7.50. The priciest items on the menu are the Baja Beef and the Cobb Salad, both at $8.95.

The Huntington Beach location is open daily at 10 a.m. until, uh, “closing.” Call (714) 377-7100 for more information or to-go orders. Catering is available

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