Garden Grove

Chase starts in WGG, ends in Long Beach

ONE MAN was arrested after a car chase from West Garden Grove to Long Beach Tuesday night.

A car chase that began in West Garden Grove Tuesday night continued into Long Beach where a man was arrested for driving under influence and felony evading.

According to Sgt. Juan Centeno of the Garden Grove Police Department, the incident began at 11:46 p.m. in the area of Knott Street and Garden Grove Boulevard.

A GGPD officer sought to make a traffic stop, but a pursuit ensued and the fleeing vehicle turned onto the Garden Grove (22) Freeway westbound toward Long Beach. The car exited onto city streets in Long Beach with police following.

Officers tried the P.I.T. (Pursuit Intervention Technique), in which a police car strikes the side rear of the vehicle trying to escape in order for that auto to turn and go out of control.

The pursued vehicle flipped onto the driver’s side of the car. The driver and a passenger were ordered out of the vehicle, but didn’t comply, according to Sgt. Centeno. Police then used “less than lethal” munitions to break out the rear window and realized “that the driver and the occupant were “trapped” inside the car. Officers helped them to exit.

They were then treated at the scene by the Long Beach Fire Department and taken to a local hospital with minor injuries. Arrested was Christopher Guerrero, 31.


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