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Dear Mari: Show up for work on time

SHE IS ALWAYS late to work. What can be done?

Dear Marilyn,

I work in an office and I really enjoy my job. It is built around a team concept. In general, this concept works very well.

All of the teams are composed of two or three members. We have three members in my team. The problem is that one of my team members is always late. At first she was only a few minutes late. Now, it is consistently closer to 15 minutes, and yesterday she was a half hour late.

She expects me to cover for her.  We work the early shift, and our team lead doesn’t come in until an hour after she and I are supposed to start work.

At first, I really did not mind.  Now, however, this is really starting to bother me.  I am tired of having to do her work in the morning.

I don’t want to get her into trouble.  I have a kind of an easygoing personality, and I hate conflict.  So, I really don’t want to confront her.  I don’t want to report her to our team lead, either. I just want her to do her job! That will solve the whole issue.

What do you suggest that I do?

Signed, Frustrated co-worker

Dear Frustrated co-worker,

It is clear that you really don’t want to confront her, and you don’t want to tell the team lead. Unfortunately for you, it is also clear that if you don’t do these things, that nothing will change.

It is great to have an easygoing personality. However, you also need to stand up for yourself when you are being taken advantage of.  It is clear that this is what your co-worker is doing. She has been able to get away with coming in late more and more often, and there have been no consequences for doing that. Therefore, there is absolutely no reason to think that she is going to change.

Don’t wait. The next time she comes in, let her know that you have noticed that she is frequently late.  Point out to her that this is extremely unfair to you, because you are doing twice as much work until she arrives. Ask her to please get to work on time.  Let her know that you will have no choice but to mention it to your team lead if she doesn’t stop being consistently late to work.

Hopefully, she will immediately start to come to work on time.  If she does not, let your team lead know.  The only way this situation will change is if you take control of it.  You can do it!

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