Big condo project is OK’d by planners

A PROPOSAL for a 208-unit condo complex on Beach Boulevard was approved by the Stanton Planning Commission on Wednesday.

The green light for the construction of over 200 new condominium units as a first step toward the rebirth of the long-dormant Village Center straddling two cities was given Wednesday night by the Stanton Planning Commission.

Planners voted 5-0 in favor of building 208 condos in the northern part of the center, which runs along the west side of Beach Boulevard south to Garden Grove Boulevard. The project area includes property within the city limits of Stanton and Garden Grove for a total of 21.87 acres.

Under the plan for the entire site, the northern 11.89-acre portion (all within Stanton) will be devoted to residential development. The remaining part – 10.18 acres – will include 6.08 acres on the Stanton side.

Changes planned for the center include renovation of facades and interiors of the remaining retail and commercial spaces and the addition of two new pad buildings.

The commercial portion will be constructed first – including demolition of existing buildings – and residential in the second phase. The proposed development agreement calls for financial assistance from the developer toward improving public facilities in Stanton.

In a related move, Frontier Real Estate Investments LLC will go before the Garden Grove Zoning Administrator on May 24 to seek a conditional use permit to put a 20,041-square foot “athletic and health club, gym” in the Village Center at the northwest corner of Beach and Garden Grove boulevards.



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