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Candidate profile: Christopher Ochoa

PROFILE for Christopher Ochoa, candidate for Westminster City Council.

Name: Christopher Ochoa

Office being sought: Mayor of Westminster.

City of residence: Westminster

Age: 23

Occupation: Journalist

Family: Single

Education: AA Business, AA Journalism

Other public service: Future Farmers of America, Sunday School teacher at Street Light Church


Why do you want to run for office?

I see the corruption in our current city council. They are not listening to the residents of Westminster and leadership is below standard. I want to change this and be a mayor for the people and not pursue a personal agenda.

What are important issues and what would you do about them?

Unnecessary spending – I will create a realistic budget. I will identify wasteful spending and eliminate these expenses with little or no impact to the services we provide. I will work with city officials to create a realistic budget that still provides a high standard of city services.

Development- I will direct resources towards improving our blighted locations. I will minimize development that creates overpopulated neighborhoods.

General Plan/city revenue- I will work to make Westminster a business-friendly city. This means amending existing codes and ordinances to make it easier for business to thrive.

My website: www.wewillmoveforward.com

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  1. I believe you have a very strong desire for the City of Westminster I believe you will make a great mayor changes what people need to thrive to move forward to keep going positive energy

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