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GOP, Demos fail to end the shutdown

THE PARTIAL shutdown of the federal government is in its 34th day.

The dogfight over the partial shutdown of the federal government continued on Thursday, when the U.S. Senate rejected both a Republican plan and a Democratic proposal to end the deadlock.

With 60 votes needed to pass, the Republican bill which would have provided $5.7 billion for border security, including the wall sought by President Donald Trump, failed on a 50-47 vote.

The Democratic alternative did a little better, getting a 52-44 tally, which included several Republican defectors who crossed party lines. That plan offered money for border security but no money for the wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Thursday’s double deadlock came a day after the president announced that he would deliver the “State of the Union” address after the shutdown – now in its 34th day – was ended.

According to the Associated Press, leadership from both sides is seeking a way to end the impasse and end the shutdown, which affects 800,000 federal employees and the people they serve.


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