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Another 1-day coronavirus high

A GUIDE to the basics of coronavirus. White “language” refers to a white-ish coating to the tongue (Shutterstock).

Another new one-day high of confirmed coronavirus cases was reported Saturday by the Orange County Health Care Authority.

According to the OCHCA, 540 new “positive” cases were recorded, exceeding the previous high of 506 reported on Wednesday.

Saturday’s figures brought the cumulative to-date total to 12,462.

Of that number, 1,131 were residents of skilled nursing facilities, 395 were inmates at county jails and 111 were homeless people. Those considered recovered are numbered at 6,891.

There were no deaths in Saturday’s report. The total remains at 323.

Four-hundred sixty-seven cases of COVID-19 are currently hospitalized, including 179 in intensive care units.

The OCHCA is no longer reporting cases by city. Instead, the agency is listing statistics intended to show hospitalization rates and transmission of the disease.

The rate of cases per 100,000 people in Orange County is now at 105.2, higher than the state “threshold” of elevated transmission of 25 per 100,000.

“Testing positivity” is now at 8.9 percent, above the 8 percent threshold.  Thirty-nine percent of intensive care unit beds are available, compared to the threshold of more than 20 percent.

The percent of ventilators available is at 67.2 percent (compared to 25 percent) and the change in a three-day average of hospitalized patients show an OC rate of 18.5 percent, above the threshold of 10 percent.

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To our readers: In some cases, there is a “lag” in compiling and reporting cases and deaths. The numbers reflect a count of new incidences compiled for that day, and not necessarily the incidences that occurred on one day.


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