Case and death counts decline

IN ORANGE COUNTY, the reports of coronavirus cases and deaths decreased on Sunday (Pexels/Cottonbor).

The yo-yo nature of the Orange County Health Care Agency’s count of new coronavirus cases and deaths continued with Sunday’s report.

The OCDCA is reporting 415 new confirmed COVID-19 cases and no deaths. That’s down from Saturday’s tally of 702 infections and 25 reported deaths.

Accumulated cases are now tallied at 29,426 and deaths at 492.

Six hundred sixty-five cases are now currently hospitalized with 214 in intensive care units. That’s compared to 692 and 232.

The test-positivity stat continues to drop and is now at 13.7 percent, down from 13.9. The figures indicates what percentage of people tested are indicated to be infected, even if they have no symptoms.

Sunday’s count for the top five cities with cases follows. Deaths are in parentheses.

  • Santa Ana: 5,520 (129).
  • Anaheim: 5,047 (123).
  • Garden Grove: 1,524 (14).
  • Huntington Beach: 1,433 (43).
  • Orange: 1,355 (17).

Westminster has 540 cases and 12 deaths; Stanton has 345 cases and four deaths.

Worldwide, the Johns Hopkins University’s calculations show 14,418,568 cases, led by the United States with 3,760,975 people infected. Brazil is next with 2,098,389, followed by India with 1,077,781 and Russia with 770,3331.

The global death count is at 604,401, led by the U.S. with 140,471. Next are Brazil (79,488), United Kingdom/Great Britain (45,385) and Mexico (38,888).


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  1. I would not jump to conclusions as the numbers dont always reflect reality….lets take the Westminster population for instance where over 500 cases have been reported but we all know that not everyone was tested in the city. It would probably help to know how many in the city really got tested, at least once…, how many of those tested positive, how many positives ended up as patients in hospitals, how many of these specific patients needed ICU, how many of these specific patients recovered and how many died….
    I am not convinced that the way the numbers are tracked is giving us the green light to open up, or we should have stayed open to begin with! Just my two cents worth…..

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