COVID dilemmas; Duck Donuts

ARE YOUR kids going back to school? It depends on a a lot of things (Shutterstock).

The return to “purple” – the most restrictive tier for the coronavirus pandemic –  has been a setback for a lot of people and businesses, but it is not quite as severe a rollback as was in place at the beginning of the crisis.

Some schools – including the parents of kids in school – are, however still in a state of uncertainty. Each of the fistful of public school systems in the coverage area of The Tribune has been handling re-opening and related issues in a slightly different fashion. As a general rule, campuses that have re-opened in a hybrid of in-person instruction and virtual learning will remain open, but those which have not will have to wait until cleared by the county health care agency.

In the Garden Grove Unified School District, for example, changing conditions led to a schedule for reopening being recanted, to be replaced by a phased reopening. The GGUSD is the largest in the area and serves students in grades K-12.

Many of the schools have re-opened, but the next wave was scheduled to come on Tuesday, Dec. 1, when three high schools – Garden Grove, La Quinta and Pacifica – were scheduled to resume in-person hybrid instruction, along with special education programs at Los Amigos and Rancho Alamitos high schools.

“We are still awaiting more details on the impact to school districts and will keep you updated,” reads an advisory from the GGUSD.

In the Westminster School District (K-8), all elementary schools have re-opened, but the district’s three middle schools that were to have opened this week will not, until cleared by the health agency.

The Huntington Beach Union High School District (9-12) has all its campuses reopened for hybrid instruction.

All campuses in the Ocean View School District (K-8) will remain open, as well all campuses in the Huntington Beach City School District (K-8).

However, all these plans and guidelines may by subject to change. Thus is life in Orange County in this Year of the COVID.

Krispy Kreme, who? Never heard of ‘em

One local institution that’s managed a big comeback and appears to be prospering is the SteelCraft urban eatery on Euclid Street in Garden Grove’s downtown. After closing down in the early stages of the crisis, its open-air format has proved to be a big asset and it seems to be booming.

DUCK DONUTS are headed for SteelCraft.

Once-vacant slots are being refilled. The next new munchery is Duck Donuts, a national chain based mostly in the East Coast. The only local Duck Donut store is at the Five Points Plaza at Main Street and Beach Boulevard in Huntington Beach.

What’s unique about his donut shop is the confections are made-to-order with wide variety of coatings (including lemon, peanut butter, chocolate, etc.) toppings (rainbow sprinkles, chopped bacon, shredded cocoanut) and drizzles (hot fudge, marshmallow, salted caramel and raspberry).

Also available are coffee, donut-based sandwiches and sundaes.

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