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12-year sentence in fatal stabbing

AN ANAHEIM man was sentenced Friday to 12 years in state prison in the stabbing death of his 17-year-old girlfriend (Shutterstock).

A prison sentence of 12 years was handed down Friday to an Anaheim man convicted of fatally stabbing his 17-year-old girlfriend less than a month after being released from Orange County Jail in April of this year.

Miguel Angel Reyes, 24, was convicted on Oct. 5 on one count of voluntary manslaughter and one felony enhancement of the personal use of a deadly weapon. He had been released on zero dollar bail for previous charges of misdemeanor vandalism and a felony charge of gang association, according to the Orange County District Attorney’s office.

On May 16, Reyes and his girlfriend were involved in an argument at an Anaheim park in which she threw a brick him. He responded by stabbing her with his knife.

Zero dollar bail has been enacted in response to crowded conditions at the county jail that led to an increased risk of COVID-19 infection.

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