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First COVID vaccination done

VACCINES to fight coronavirus are starting to move into use (Flickr/

In what’s being called “the shot watched around the world,” a 90-year-old retired shop clerk from Northern Ireland was vaccinated from the coronavirus with a treatment jointly developed by Pfizer of the United States and BioNTech (Germany).

According to the Associated Press, Margaret Keenan is the first of what is expected to be millions of people getting inoculations against the virus, which has killed over 1.5 million persons worldwide.

“I feel so privileged to be the first person vaccinated against COVID-19,” she said. One of two vaccines, (the other developed by Moderna), it should be approved for use in the United States soon, and could be available first for health care and first responders some time in December. Those with high risk, especially in nursing homes, will also get high priority. The general public may not be in line for inoculation until April or May 2020, according to some reports.

The News: Supreme Court says no

  • The U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday rejected an appeal to overturn a Pennsylvania court ruling that upheld the results of the Nov. 3 presidential election. The lawsuit was brought on behalf of President Donald Trump’s campaign.
  • Fourteen officers have been fined or suspended at Fort Hood for their alleged roles in allowing sexual harassment and violence – including the death of a female Army specialist – at the Texas post. Congress is also launching its own investigation into what was termed a “permissive environment” allowing those committing crimes against soldiers to go unpunished.
  • Wall Street found its footing Tuesday after a mixed performance on Monday. The Dow Jones Average jumped 104.09 points, the S&P 500 rose by 10.29 points and Nasdaq climbed by 62.83.

The Weather: What, is summer back now?

Check your calendar. Even though temperatures in West Orange County reached 80 degrees today (Tuesday), it really is almost winter. Highs should tumble to 71 on Wednesday (overnight low at 48) and really start to chill by Thursday with a high of 64 (overnight low of 47. Partly cloudy (or partly sunny) conditions will prevail all week to the weekend. At the (Huntington) Beach, daytime lows will be 66 on Wednesday and 59 on Thursday and Friday. A high surf advisory will be in place until 1 p.m. on Thursday.

Sports: ‘Bama is still atop rankings

The College Football Playoff Committee on Tuesday evening unveiled its latest rankings. They are Alabama (9-0), Norte Dame (10-0), Clemson (9-1) and Ohio State (5-0).  Just outside the list are fifth-rated Texas A&M and sixth-ranked Florida (8-1).  USC (3-0) is 15th.The top four teams will participate in a two-round playoff tournament. The announcement began at 4 p.m. Pacific time.

  • The historic Michigan-Ohio State football game, which dates back to 1897, has been cancelled due to positive coronavirus cases in the Michigan program, according to United Press International.


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