Huntington Beach

A challenge to housing goal?

MAYOR KIM CARR was one of the speakers at Monday’s CommUNITY Pop Up Picnic in Central Park in Huntington Beach. A report on the program is on the agenda for Monday’s City Council meeting (OC Tribune photo).

A proposal to appeal the determination of the Southern California Association of Governments that Huntington Beach should plan to build over 13,000 new housing units is on the agenda for Monday’s meeting of the city council.

Councilman Erik Peterson is proposing that the city attorney appeal a February 2021 statement by SCAG that Surf City has a regional housing needs assessment of 13,386 new homes. While the RHNA standards do not require that such housing be built, state law requires that zoning for such additional residential development be established.

The intent of the RHNA standards is to ease California’s statewide housing crunch, which may contribute to homelessness. Critics contend that the impact could be overcrowding, traffic problems and a decline in the quality of life.

Also on the agenda are reports from the city manager including a recap of the Hate-Free HB and CommUNITY Pop-Up Picnic programs, an update on recent protests in the city, and the Ascon Project in southeast Huntington Beach.

The council will meet virtually, with a closed session at 4 p.m. and the regular session at 6 p.m.


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  1. New home developments are being invested in, and subsequently also bought by EB5 investors from foreign countries for the family green cards. Infiltrate via investment.

    Homeless people is an excuse to build more for foreigners since most street people should be in psyche wards or jail. But aren’t. Because the ACLU decided no one, not even family, can tell them what to do. Refer to young man killed in Fullerton by cops, despite sheriff dad trying for years to get his kid help.

    The whole homeless thing is a ruse for many things. Foreigners buying in to our country in order to get green cards. Elitist Communist Party members, or Ayatollah government people. Try it in reverse in any other country of the world. Wont be allowed. No other country sells out its sovereign nation to high bidders. In the old days, it would be treason to sell our country for cheap. Sigh.

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