COVID-19 stats go up, down

HAND-WASHING, mask-wearing and social distancing are still weapons against the spread of coronavirus, say health officials (Pexels/Cottonbro).

Monday was another one of those “glass half-full or glass half-empty” days in the Orange County Health Care Agency’s report on the state of the coronavirus locally.

According to the OCHCA, the number of confirmed new cases rose from 69 on Sunday to 80 on Monday. Hospitalizations due to COVID-19 increased from 113 to 115.

On the other hand, deaths declined from nine to zero, and patients being treated for the virus in intensive care units slid from 25 to 23.

According to The New York Times, new cases across the nation have declined 16 percent over a two-week period, and deaths have also dropped by 3 percent. An estimated 29 percent of adult Americans have been fully vaccinated and 42 percent have had at least one dose.

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