New case total is still falling

NEW CORONAVIRUS cases in Orange County decreased on Thursday (Shutterstock).

The number of confirmed new cases of coronavirus in Orange County continued to plummet, according to Thursday’s report from the county health care agency.

Cases dropped from 47 to 38; they had been at 72 on Tuesday. Deaths rose from one to 13, and hospitalizations increased from 89 to 91. However, the number of COVID-19 patients being treated in intensive care units went from 25 to 23.

The to-date total of Orange County coronavirus cases is at 254,201, of which 246,998 are considered recovered. Deaths are at 4,992.

On the national level, The New York Times is reporting that new cases have declined 26 percent over a 14-day period. Deaths fell by 3 percent. In California, new cases were down 19 percent, according to the Los Angeles Times, and deaths were down 13 percent.

Vaccinations of adults across the U.S. (combining those fully vaccinated with those with at least one dose) are at 77 percent, according to the NYT. For California, the total is at 82.5 percent according to the LAT.



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