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9 deaths in San Jose shooting

NINE people are dead and others wounded at a shooting in San Jose Wednesday morning (Shutterstock).


SECOND UPDATE: The count of the number of people dead in the mass shooting at a San Jose rail yard has risen to nine.

Authorities have revealed new information about the incident. According to the Santa Clarita Sheriff’s Department, shooter Samuel Cassidy, a maintenance worker for the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority set fire to his house and drove to the VTA site where a union meeting was being held. He then opened fire.

Authorities believe his house might be “booby-trapped” with explosives, so bomb specialists are on the scene. Light rail transit service operated by the SCVTA has been suspended. Posted at 2:01 p.m.


UPDATE:  It was an employee who opened fire at a rail yard in San Jose Wednesday morning, killing eight people – including himself – and wounding others.

The Associated Press is reporting that the shooter has been identified by authorities as Sam Cassidy, 57. No specific information is available on the status of the wounded, the weapon used, or motivation for the attack.


Multiple people are dead and wounded at a mass shooting Wednesday morning in San Jose. One of those killed is believed to be the shooter.

According to the Associated Press, the incident took place around 6:30 a.m. in a railyard. The Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Department did not immediately release the number or identity of fatalities and persons wounded.

The victims did appear to be mostly employees of the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority.

In an incident that may be related, the suspected shooter’s house was also on fire.

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