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GGPD officer facing charges

A GARDEN GROVE police officer is facing criminal charges stemming from alleged misconduct while on duty (Shutterstock).

A veteran Garden Grove police officer is facing criminal charges stemming from his conduct on duty.

Kevin Dinh has been charged with threatening and battering homeless people while on duty, including hitting a man in the back of his head and pulling his hair while the man’s hands were handcuffed behind him.

He is facing two misdemeanor counts of unlawful beating by a police officer, two misdemeanor counts of simple battery, and four misdemeanor counts of attempted criminal threats, according to the Orange County District Attorney.

Dinh could receive a maximum sentence of four years in the Orange County Jail if convicted on all counts. Dinh, a 12-year-veteran of the Garden Grove Police Department, is currently on administrative leave.

According to the GGPD, the investigation into Dinh’s conduct was prompted by another officer reporting to his supervisor that Dinh had employed “inappropriate use of force.”

The internal inquiry that followed found two separate incidents, according to Lt. Rich Burrillo of the GGPD.

On Sept. 20, 2020, Dinh was dispatched along with another officer to a restaurant regarding homeless individuals refusing to leave the front of the business. Dinh is accused of striking one of the men in the back of his head while holding his hands above his head and then twisting the man’s hands while holding them behind his back. He is also accused of threatening to knock the man’s teeth out if he sees him again.

On Oct. 18, 2020, Dinh and two other officers were dispatched to an OCTA bus stop to investigate a package theft from a nearby home. Dinh is accused of striking the handcuffed suspect’s head, grabbing his hair and pulling, while saying something to him. The suspect was eventually uncuffed and released.

Both incidents were captured on body-worn cameras.

“We will not tolerate this behavior on any members of our community. Everyone will be treated with dignity and respect,” said Garden Grove Police Chief Tom DaRe.

If there are other victims, the GGPD is encouraging them to contact the department’s detective bureau at (714) 741-5800.




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