OC numbers on eve of “reopening”

THE REPORTING of coronavirus numbers in Orange County will be slowing from daily to weekly as the state “re-opens” over the new weeks (Shutterstock).

Note to readers: The Orange County Health Care Agency is no longer posting coronavirus numbers on weekends. Starting on July 1, daily statistics won’t be posted by OCHCA. Instead, the numbers will be reported once a week on Tuesdays. Consequently, we won’t be posting our usual three-day tracking graphic. Numbers released today (Monday) include Saturday and Sunday counts.

Fifty-five persons are hospitalized in Orange County from coronavirus, compared to 56 on Friday, according to the county health agency (see note above).

Deaths are two, compared to three in Friday’s release, and the number of persons being treated for COVID-19 in intensive care units is at 11, compared to 14 on Friday.

Confirmed new positive cases are 75 today, compared to 18 on Friday.

Nationally, The New York Times is estimating a 29 percent decline in new cases of coronavirus, tracked over a 14-day period. New deaths are down 23 percent.

In California – set to “reopen” on Tuesday – the Los Angeles Times is estimating that new cases in the Golden State are down 46 percent over a similar period, and deaths have declined 54 percent.







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