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Haiti is struck by earthquake

THE EARTHQUAKE that hit Haiti in 2010 inflicted major damage and inflicted over 200,000 casualties (Flickr/Wikipedia).

UPDATE: The death toll in the earthquake in Haiti is now set at least 304, with 1,800 injured, according to the AP. Updated at 6 p.m.


The impoverished island nation of Haiti has been struck by a 7.2 magnitude earthquake in which at least 29 people have been killed. The final death toll is expected to be higher, perhaps in the thousands.

“High casualties are probable and the disaster is likely widespread,” according to the U.S. Geological Survey. “Past events with this alert level have required a national or international level response.”

Saturday’s quake will likely be followed by the arrival of a tropical  storm which is expected to make landfall on Wednesday, according to the Voice of America. Heavy rain and mudslides are possible.

Forecasters from the U.S. National Hurricane Center are suggesting that the storm might lessen in intensity before it hits the island of Hispaniola, where Haiti and the Dominican Republic are located.

Another Afghan city falls to the Taliban

TALIBAN religious police beating a woman in Kabul in 2001 (Wikipedia)

Mazar-e-Sharif, a large city in northern Afghanistan, has fallen to the Taliban, the Associated Press is reporting. It’s the fourth-largest city in the nation and its capture moves the rebel forces closer to the Kabul, the capital.

They are now approximately seven miles from the Afghan seat of government

An official from the area told the AP that national army forces surrendered, which led to other pro-government forces fleeing the field.

American soldiers and Marines have been ordered into the city to help in the evacuation of U.S. citizens and Afghans who assisted them in the now-endangered “nation-building” effort.

Reversal of ban on mask mandates asked

A BAN on requiring masks on students is controversial in Florida and Texas (Shutterstock).

Letters were sent Friday from the federal Department of  Education Friday to the governors of Florida and Texas, urging them to drop a ban on requiring the wearing of masks in public schools.

According to United Press International, Education Secretary Miguel Cardona sent the letters to Florida’s Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott of Texas.

DeSantis said his order was to protect the rights of patents to make health care decisions for their children, reported UPI. Florida has one of the highest coronavirus infection rates in the nation. Some local school districts in both states have defied the bans.

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