Special council mtg. Monday

MARWAN YOUSSEF became the new city manager of Westminster in February.

A special meeting of the Westminster City Council has been called for Monday with an evaluation of the city manager in the closed session, and modification of the compensation plan for the position of chief of police in the open session.

The meeting will take place via teleconference/webconference, with the closed session beginning at 6 p.m. and the open session at 6:30 p.m.

Marwan Youssef is the city manager, and was appointed to the post by the city council in February. However, since then some council members have expressed unhappiness with certain of Youssef’s actions, including entering into a contract for former city councilmember Tyler Diep for lobbying services without consulting with the council.

The item on the police chief’s compensation is a matter continued from Wednesday’s meeting, and is related to the recruiting of a new police chief. 

According to the staff report, the top candidate for the position has a higher salary than the city’s current pay schedule, so the recommendation is to increase the the salary schedule for chief by $17,679.36 annually as well as a one-time deposit of 120 hours into accruals for both vacation and sick leave, The total cost would be $22,625 annually.

Such an increase would trigger an increase in the city manager’s salary, which would amount to $3,783 annually. The general fund would not be affected, the report said, because vacancies in each department would cover such increases.

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