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Climate change is “everybody’s crisis,” says President Joe Biden

PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN meets with FEMA officials to discuss issues related to the aftermath of Hurricane Ida (White House photo).

Climate change is “everybody’s crisis,” said President Joe Biden on Tuesday, tying the devastation from Hurricane Ida to extreme weather that scientists say is likely caused by man-made pollution.

According to the Associated Press, Biden made those remarks in a visit to New Jersey and New York City where he walked streets and met people whose homes were damaged or demolished by the storm.

“The threat is here. It is not getting any better,” said Biden. “The question is can it get worse? We can stop it from getting worse.”

Ida was a doubly destructive event. After lashing the New Orleans area, it unexpectedly turned northeast and hit wide areas of the Atlantic Coast.

Biden also said he would send to Congress a funding request for $14 billion to help affected areas recover from disasters that had struck before Ida did, according to The New York Times.

Such funding would also avert a government shutdown looming on Oct. 1, and help in the processing of Afghan refugees who have fled to the U.S. and other nations.

Mexican court bans abortion penalties

The Supreme Court of Mexico on Tuesday voted unanimously that the nation’s law declaring abortion a crime was unconstitutional.

According to USA Today, the ruling decriminalizes the medical termination of pregnancies across the largely Catholic nation. The law that the court struck down carried a jail sentence of up to three years for women receiving abortions.

The ruling does not legalize the process, but removes the penalty. Abortions – in most circumstances – are legal in four of Mexico’s 28 states.

Sports: Dodgers still chasing the Giants

Continuing their pursuit of the San Francisco Giants (88-50) in the chase for the National League West flag, the Dodgers (87-51) are playing the Cardinals (69-67) in St. Louis today (Tuesday). The Blue Crew trails the Giants by one game.

The Angels (68-70) are in San Diego (73-64) to play the Padres in a game tonight, the first of two games.

The AP Top 25 for college football released today has Alabama on top, followed by Georgia, Ohio State and Oklahoma. Texas A&M is fifth. USC is 14th and UCLA is 16th.

Weather: Warm, warmer, hot …

The West Orange County area will be getting warmer by the day, finally reaching the 90s by the weekend.  According to, Wednesday’s high will be 84 (overnight low of 66), climbing to 88 on Thursday and 91 for Saturday and Sunday. The coastal Huntington Beach temperatures should be six to seven degrees cooler.








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