Huntington Beach

Cleanup work ongoing on oil spill

AERIAL VIEW of oil spill near Huntington Beach Pier (City of Huntington Beach photo).

Dead wildlife are washing up on beaches in Huntington Beach and other coastal cities are restricting access to their shorelines as efforts continue to contain the damage from Saturday’s oil spill.

It’s unknown how long the closure of beaches from Huntington Beach Pier to the Santa Ana Jetty at the Newport Beach City limit will last, or the time needed for the cleanup.

Although the U.S. Coast Guard is the lead agency on the incident, the City of Huntington Beach is also involved. It has laid 2,050 feet of protective booms at seven locations.

According to Jennifer Carey, public information officer for the Huntington Beach Police Department, the company responsible for the six-mile slick is Beta Offshore, a subsidiary of Amplify Energy Corporation, based in Houston.

“The firm is also working on the cleanup and recovery efforts,” said Carey in a statement. “Unfortunately, we are starting to see oil-covered fish and birds washing up along our shoreline.”

The Associated Press is reporting that Beta has been cited 125 times since 1980 for safety and environmental violations. Of those, 72 were so severe that drilling was stopped or reduced. In Saturday’s spill – blamed on a leak from a pipeline from an offshore oil drilling platform – over 126,000 gallons of heavy crude petroleum were spewed into the ocean.

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