Huntington Beach

Townhome project approved

ARTIST’S CONCEPTION of new townhome development in Cameron Lane in Huntington Beach.

By Zia Zografos  

A new 18-unit, two-story townhome development in Huntington Beach will soon be built on the east side of Cameron Lane and south of Slater Avenue.

The planning commission unanimously passed the motion to go forward with the design layout for the development. The proposed building site on Cameron Lane is currently a vacant lot with barren landscaping.

The townhomes are marketed as being affordable for moderate income families.

The development would take up approximately 39,640 square feet, and is designed as multiple-family condos. According to the tract map, the planning commission feels that the site is underutilized, and the new development would fit nicely with other similar multi-family units in the surrounding area.

Commissioner Oscar Rodriguez stated that the new development would be a benefit for incoming families.

“I feel like it’s going to invite families to move in,” said Rodriguez. “In a district with declining enrollment like the Ocean View School District and Lake View (Elementary), I think this will definitely be a positive addition to local neighborhoods and the schools.”

However, concerns of tenant’s dogs possibly harming the playing neighborhood children in the shared community greenspace was an issue brought forth by the Police Department in a comment to the commission.

Commissioner Connie Mandic argued that this risk should try to be prevented.

“The developer should work with staff to find a place for dogs in the development … Police normally don’t put anything so strong (in a comment) but their wording was really strong … they need to divide the area to prevent the conflict between the uses,” said Mandic.

The commission added that they will staff work with the developer to try and find a separate area for a dog park. Although, the amount of available open space may be too limited.

Another potential issue was the safety of the sidewalks around Cameron Lane. The developer would add new sidewalks along with the development, but commissioner John Scandura stated that the properties next door have no sidewalks, which forces pedestrians to walk into the street.

“…This is a fairly high density neighborhood, a lot of apartment buildings…That presents a safety problem especially for kids who are going to Lake View Elementary School. Also, from an aesthetics standpoint, it just doesn’t look good,” said Scandura.

The planning commission also separately passed a motion to have the city council consider filling in the nonexistent sidewalks.


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