New cases are averaging 250

CORONAVIRUS stats in Orange County complicated by delays in reporting (Shutterstock).

If Thursday’s reports of new coronavirus cases in Orange County seems too high, and Friday’s number seems too low, there’s a reason for that.

Because of delays in reporting, Thursday’s total of 396 was for a 36-hour period instead of 24 hours. Consequently, Friday’s sum of 104 was for 18 hours instead of the usual 24, according to the county health agency.

The average of those two days is 250.

Friday’s death total was 12. Hospitalizations are at 190, down from 200. The use of intensive care units for the treatment of COVID-19 patients increased from 42 to 43.

To date, Orange County has had 302,735 cases, of which 291,395 are considered recovered. Deaths are at 5,562.

Nationally, cases – over a 14-day period – are down by 25 percent, according to The New York Times. Deaths have declined 15 percent. In California (over a similar period), cases have fallen by 16 percent, but deaths have increased by 5 percent.


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