Huntington Beach

Council to mull “green” moves

HUNTINGTON BEACH City Council will consider some actions to move the city to “green” renewable energy when it meets on Tuesday (Shutterstock).

By Zia Zografos 

Plans for a 100% renewable energy future for municipal corporations may soon be developed in Huntington Beach. In consequence of the oil spill in October, the city council has been exploring ways to phase out the city’s dependence on fossil fuels.

The item was brought forward by Councilmember Dan Kalmick to delve into the possibility of switching to the “Green Rate” that the city’s current electricity provider, Southern California Edision offers. The Green Rate allows for homes and businesses to participate in solar energy without having to install solar panels, by instead purchasing renewable energy.

The council will vote and discuss on Tuesday, Nov. 2 to move forward with the cost analysis in switching plans to entirely renewable energy. The switch would not take place until 2022.

Kalmick and Councilmember Natalie Moser will also bring an item to the council’s attention to divest the city’s $5 million stake in Chevron Corporate Bonds. The council consider having the city’s Investment Advisory Board and treasurer devise a plan to effectively re-invest the funds elsewhere, without negatively affecting the city’s return on investment.

Kalmick and Moser stated that, “it would be hypocritical to publicly call for ending offshore oil production while still providing fossil fuel companies with financing,” in the staff report.

The council will also discuss the following at the upcoming city council meeting, held in-person at 6 p.m. and by webinar:

  • Approving the easement deeds for temporary construction on Pacific Coast Highway and Main Street
  • Approval to execute a five-year contract with Intergraph Corporation for the police department to upgrade their dispatch systems and set aside funds for new laptops, cameras, and software
  • Approval with Dooley Enterprises as the sole source for providing the city’s police department with ongoing ammunition.






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