Good news on COVID in OC?

CORONAVIRUS stats in Orange County on Monday showed some improvement in daily new case counts (Shutterstock).

After several days of mounting numbers, Monday’s report on new coronavirus cases in Orange County may indicate some improvement.

According to the county health agency, new cases peaked on Friday at 383, but today’s count – reflecting three days of statistics – was 874, which works out to a per-day average of 291.

Deaths stayed even at three, but hospitalizations rose from 212 to 231 and the number of people being treated for COVID-19 in intensive care  units increased from 54 to 56.

So far, Orange County has had 307,531 cases, of which 295,526 are considered recovered. The total number of deaths is at 5,618.

Nationally, The New York Times reports that the number of new cases is “flat” and deaths are down by 19 percent. In California, Los Angeles Times is reporting that new cases are up 9 percent and deaths have declined by 55 percent.

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  1. Good news re; Covid-19 statistics.I want it to be “GREAT NEWS.” If only all people would have gotten vaccines, it would be great news re; statistics. I believe numbers of deaths declined do to Covid-19 vaccines. People whom beliefs are God and God alone will keep Covid-19 at bay,and or cure them,is all they need.,in my opinion aren’t thinking things through. I believe in God, however I believe God gave man the ability to become Dr.’s and Scientist’s who create
    Medicine etc. Then we have what we need to be a healthier people.

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