Directly-elected mayor? Five districts? Voters will decide

WESTMINSTER voters will decide in June 2022 whether to switch from having a directly-elected mayor and four council districts or change to five council districts with the mayoral post rotated among council members (Shutterstock).

Voters in Westminster will be asked in June 2022 whether they want to abolish the elective office of mayor – now selected at-large – and increase the number of councilmembers and districts from four to five.

The city council on Wednesday night voted three to two to place the issue on the June 7, 2022 ballot as a special election consolidated with the statewide primary. In favor were Councilmembers Tai Do, Kimberly Ho and Carlos Manzo. Opposed were Mayor Tri Ta and Vice Mayor Chi Charlie Nguyen.


If approved by voters, the largely ceremonial office of mayor would be rotated among members of the council. New district maps would be drawn and the council members elected on that basis in the November 2022 election.

According to Interim City Manager Christine Cordon, the cost of the election would be around $130,000, although the precise amount would vary based on factors such as how many other Orange County governing boards choose to consolidate their special elections.

There was little discussion among the council before the vote was taken. Nguyen asked why the election was being “rushed.” Two members of the public spoke, both in favor of placing the matter on the ballot.

At the same time, the city is moving forward with a study of possible redistricting in the aftermath of the 2020 census figures. A public hearing was held to receive input from the community regarding the process.  Two maps will eventually be created, one based on four districts and another based on five districts.

To our readers: The city council meeting continued past our deadline. We will have more coverage in a follow-up article.




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