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Theft arrest for mom, son

A MOTHER and son were arrested in Garden Grove on Tuesday as suspects in a series of robberies and “distraction thefts” (Shutterstock).

A mother and son were arrested Tuesday afternoon for their alleged involvement with a series of robberies or “distraction” thefts.

According to Detective Sgt. Evan Beresford of the GGPD, arrested were Floarea Ghiocel and her son Marius Ghiocel, listed as transients.

(GGPD photo)

(GGPD photo)

The arrests came as a result of a lengthy investigation into about 28 incidents all sharing the same methods of operation. Targeted were elderly Asians wearing expensive jewelry.

A typical incident would involve approaching a victim, removing the jewelry and replacing it with a fake piece. In some cases, the suspect(s) have forcibly taken the jewelry from their victims.

Detectives developed leads and determined these thefts were conducted by a group of “Romanian travelers,” who journey from place to place conducting similar crimes.

On Tuesday at 4 p.m., a vehicle was stopped by patrol officers in the 12500 block of Nutwood Street. A passenger was identified as Floarea Ghiocel, who was wanted under an active warrant for some of those incidents. She was taken into custody.

As the GGPD vehicle containing Floarea was driven back to police headquarters, an officer noted a “suspicious vehicle” following closely. Police stopped that vehicle and driver was identified as Marius Ghiocel, the son of Floarea. He also had an active arrest warrant stemming from the investigation and was taken into custody. They were both were booked into Orange County Jail for robbery.

The investigation is ongoing and any witnesses or victims of such incidents are asked the call Detective Jim Franks at (714) 741-5836.

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  1. Such a nice boy to follow the arresting police who just took his mother into custody… so they could arrest him too. I wonder if either of them even knew they had active warrants. LOL. Well, now they can both enjoy some jail time together.

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