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Nuclear power plant shelled

RUSSIAN attacks in Ukraine continue, and more economic sanctions are unveiled (Shutterstock).

Russian forces are attacking a nuclear power station in Ukraine, raising the possibility of an environmental disaster.

Artillery fire is falling on the plant in Enerhodar, according to the Associated Press. That facility is said to provide about one-fourth of the electrical power in Ukraine.

A spokesperson for the plant warned of a “real threat of nuclear danger.” Ukraine has 15 nuclear reactors.

Other related news:

  • The U.S. will grant temporary legal status to Ukrainians living here
  • An agreement – but no cease-fire – has been reached between representatives of Russia and Ukraine about establishing “humanitarian corridors” to allow refugees to flee combat areas
  • United Nations observers are estimating that over a million people have left Ukraine and as many as one-tenth of the population will eventually flee the country.

Sports: Iowa law bans trans females from sports


A law banning transgender females from participating in high school and women’s college athletics was signed into law by Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds.

Supporters argue that transgender females – born as males – have an unfair physical advantage over others. Opponents argue it’s a political “wedge” issue aimed at appealing to a segment of voters.

The bill takes effect immediately and passed the state legislature with Republican-only support. It may conflict with federal law that bars discrimination based on gender. Reynolds gave the Republican response to President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address on Tuesday.

Weather: Hey, what about the rain?

Mother Nature is proving to be a bit of a tease. Friday’s forecast was for an 85 percent chance of rain for the West Orange County area. Now, the chances for some relief from drought conditions have been downgraded to 24 percent under partly cloudy skies and a daytime high of 64 (overnight low of 50). However, tonight, the forecast calls for wind and thunderstorms.  Saturday should be mostly sunny with a high of 60, and sunny skies and a high of 63 are predicted for Sunday.

Business: Apple, Ikea and more leave Russia

In a continued flight from Russia in the wake of that nation’s invasion of Ukraine, more retailers are closing their stores and ceasing operations in Russia.

Over the last two days, Apple, Ikea and TJX (owners of T.J. Maxx and Marshalls) have announced they would shutter their stores and stop selling their goods there. Belarus is also targeted for withdrawal.

Ikea has gone a step further, according to The New York Times, by collecting and making donations to help Ukraine and its people.




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  1. Ukraine nuclear power station is offline and would not cause any danger. You should wait few days to see if the story is true because is lots of fake news to try to get the US into a war with Russia.

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