Garden Grove

District maps “re-elected”

GARDEN GROVE’S existing councilmember districts (City of Garden Grove).

After the fourth public hearing on the topic, the Garden Grove City Council voted 7-0 to approve retaining the same council districts in place now.

The council supported the status quo on the grounds that the city’s population had grown only modestly – a little over 1,000 new residents – and therefore there was no need for substantial change in the council districts.

An alternative – more “vertical” – map aimed to make some adjustments that its proponents argued would improve representation for the interests of apartment and mobile home dwellers.

Tuesday’s action was to introduce the ordinance and keep the current map, with a second reading and approval at the next meeting.

Also on Tuesday night, the council approved beginning the process of moving toward issuance of pension obligation bonds to pay down the city’s retirement liabilities. It’s projected that the bonds would eventually save the city between $102.6 and $121.7 million.

Additionally, the council approved an amendment to City Manager Scott Stiles’ employment contract.

The next meeting of the council is set for March 22.

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