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Russians accused of war crimes

ARTILLERY SHELLING has devastated residential areas of Ukrainian cities (Wikipedia/Ukraininan govt.)

Withdrawing Russian troops have left behind the bodies of over 400 Ukrainian civilians in the area around Kyiv.

According to The New York Times, the Ukrainian government is terming the deaths to be “war crimes.” Images of the scene appear to show the bodies of civilians lying on the ground. Some of them had their hands bound behind their backs.

In other areas of Ukraine, as the invaders retreat – or redeploy – they are leaving behind cities and towns partly destroyed. Mass graves have been dug to bury the dead.

Electrical power and safe drinking water are still unavailable even in areas where the Russians have left.

Sacramento shooting leaves six dead

Police in Sacramento are trying to discover the cause of a mass shooting Saturday night that left six people dead and 12 wounded in the downtown area of California’s capital city.

According to the Associated Press, three men and three women were killed. Multiple shooters were involved – at least two, say police – and the suspects are still at large. A stolen handgun has been recovered and video footage may offer some clues as to what caused the outbreak of violence.

Sports: UConn vs. South Carolina for women’s title

The NCAA Women’s Basketball tournament wraps up tonight with Connecticut seeking its 12th national crown against South Carolina at Target Center in Minneapolis.

Despite their history, the Huskies will be the underdog against the top-ranked Gamecocks.

The game will be telecast on ESPN starting at 5 p.m. Pacific time.

Weather: You’re getting warmer …

Summerlike temperatures are right around the corner for the West Orange County area. The forecast for Monday calls for partly cloudy skies and a daytime high of 72 (overnight low of 54). But on Tuesday the sun should break through and the thermometer rise to 77 (56), then leap to 88 on Wednesday and 95 on Thursday and Friday.

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