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Mariupol evacuation underway

MANY UKRAINIAN FORCES have left their redoubt in Mariupol l(Shutterstock).

The drama of the siege of the battered steel mill in the Ukrainian port city of Mariupol may be drawing to an end.

According to The Associated Press, the defenders of that stronghold declared their mission “complete” and 260 of them  – including some badly wounded – were evacuated to territory controlled by pro-Russian separatists.

The evacuations came about as the result of an agreement for the wounded to leave for medical treatment.

An unknown number of Ukrainian troops remain in underground passages of the heavily damaged complex.

Also on Monday, Ukrainian troops moved forward as Russian forces retreated from their positions near the northeastern city of Kharkiv, and have reportedly reached the border with Russia. The repulse there marked the second major failure – the other being to capture the capital, Kyiv – Russian arms in the war.

Turkey may block NATO expansion

Finland and Sweden on Monday expressed their interest in joining the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, but it may not be that simple. According to the Wall Street Journal, NATO member Turkey will block their admission if those countries do not accede to Turkish demands.

All 30 NATO nations must agree in order to add new members. Turkey reportedly wants an end to restrictions on arms sales to its military, along with other conditions.

Sports: Angels and Dodgers in action

The Los Angeles Angels are playing the Texas Rangers this evening and the Los Angeles Dodgers will host the Arizona Diamondbacks. Check back later for results and details.

Weather: Cool and hazy

The forecast for the West Orange County area for the next few days is for partly cloudy skies with daytime highs in the low 70s and with overnight lows in the high 50s. A gradual warming trend and more sun should begin on Thursday.

Business: Mickey Dee leaving Russia

McDonald’s, the world’s largest hamburger fast food chain, will be pulling out of Russia for good.

According to CNBC the corporation made the announcement Monday that it would gradually sell its stores – but not the McDonald’s trademark rights – to operators now in Russia.

The “humanitarian crisis” caused by the invasion of Ukraine was given as the reason.

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