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Penn. senate race in a recount

THE REPUBLICAN nomination for a U.S. Senate seat is headed for a recount (Shutterstock).

A recount will be needed to finally settle who will be the Republican nominee for a U.S. Senate seat in Pennsylvania.

According to The New York Times, Dr. Mehmet Oz, the candidate endorsed by former president Donald Trump, leads former executive David McCormick by the margin of 902 votes at the conclusion of the unofficial tally.

The seat will be open when Sen. Patrick Toomey, a Republican, retires from the Senate. The Democratic nominee is Lt. Gov. John Fetterman, a populist progressive. Each party is focusing attention on this race that could tip the balance in the closely-divided U.S. Senate.

Each party currently holds 50 seats, so Vice President Kamala Harris is the tie-breaker.

Did Texas police react fast enough?

Some of the onlookers at the shooting rampage at a Texas elementary school wanted police to charge into the campus during the incident.

The Associated Press reports that an estimated 40 minutes lapsed from when the attack began and when a Border Patrol unit breached a classroom where the suspect – identified as Salvadore Ramos, 18 – was shooting children and teachers. A total of 21 people were killed at Ross Elementary School in Uvalde.

One source told AP that peace officers had trouble getting into the classroom until a school staff member opened the door with a key.

Sports: Dodgers and Angels both lose

The Los Angeles Angels lost to the Texas Rangers 7-2 Wednesday  in Anaheim. The loss snapped a three-game winning streak. The Halos are now 27-18 and remain in second place in the American League West, two games behind the Houston Astros.

The Los Angeles Dodgers lost 1-0 to the Washington Nationals. Julio Urias (3-4) pitched a near-gem in the loss, working six innings and giving up four hits and one earned run. He struck out three batters and walked three.

With the loss, the Blue Crew is 29-14, good for first place in the National League West, and 1.5 games ahead of the San Diego Padres.

Weather: Cooling, then warming

A slight cooling trend will be in place in the West Orange County area through Saturday, and then temperatures will begin to rise. According to forecasts, Thursday’s daytime high will be 72 (overnight low of 60) with morning clouds ands afternoon sun. Friday (71) and Saturday (70) will continue the chillier weather, but Sunday and Monday will warm to 73 and all the way to 80 next Tuesday.

Business: Wendy’s up for sale?

For decades, the Big Three of Fast Food Hamburger Joints was McDonald’s, Burger King and Wendy’s. The latter’s fortunes have slipped in recent years, and the chain could be ripe for a takeover.

According to CNBC, the hedge fund Trian Partners, which owns a 19.4 percent share of the company, is considering buying the business that Trian says, had “lost its way after the passing of its founder Dave Thomas.

The value of Wendy’s stock has fallen by 30 percent in a year.

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