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Johnson still the PM … for now


BORIS JOHNSON signing the “Brexit” agreement (Wikipedia).

Boris Johnson hung on to his post as prime minister for Great Britain on Monday, but without much enthusiasm from his own Conservative Party.

In the British parliamentary system, the nation’s political leader is not chosen by popular vote, but from among the members of the party that holds a majority in the House of Commons.

According to The Associated Press, Johnson received 211 votes out of 359. But there were 148 members of his own party who withheld their backing.

“It’s a convincing result, a decisive result,” said Johnson, reports The New York Times.  The paper also suggested that such a close vote could mean that the PM might lose another vote soon, and be ousted from office.

A strong backer of “Brexit” – the withdrawal of his nation from European Union – Johnson’s administration has run into problems implementing the move and experienced scandals about flouting coronavirus prevention measures.

Will Musk really buy Twitter?

ELON MUSK, CEO of Tesla (Wikipedia/NORAD).

Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla and reportedly the world’s richest man, fired another salvo on Monday in his attempt to purchase Twitter.

According to The New York Times, Musk’s lawyers sent a letter to the Securities and Exchanges Commission claiming that the social media messaging giant was “actively resisting and thwarting” efforts to determine how many Twitter accounts might be fake.

Some critics of Twitter claim the portion of accounts there could include millions of phony or duplicated customers.

Some critics of Musk have suggested that his latest move was a negotiating tool designed to lower the $44 billion purchase price.

Sports: Halos lose 12th in a row

The Los Angeles Angels wasted an outstanding pitching performance by Noah Syndergaard (4-4) in losing 1-0 to the Boston Red Sox Monday night in Anaheim. He worked six strong innings, yielding five hits and one run, striking out three batters and walking one.

But the Halos could only muster three hits against Michael Wacha (4-1) who had a rare complete game for the Bosox. He struck out six Angels and walked one.

The one bit of good news is that Mike Trout broke his hitless streak with a single.

The Los Angeles Dodgers had a day off and will be in Chicago Tuesday to start a series with the White Sox.

Weather: It’s back to the 80s

Daytime highs in the West Orange County area will hit the 80s on Tuesday and stay there for six more days, according to the forecast. Tuesday should be 80 with an overnight low of 63. Wednesday is expected to reach 81 (63) with partly cloudy skies. The sun is expected to come out on Thursday with a high of 85 (65).  Those conditions will continue right into the weekend.

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