Police arrest a “fake cop”

A TUSTIN MAN was arrested in Anaheim for allegedly posing as a police officer (Shutterstock).

Flashing lights in your rear view mirror. You pull over.

Wait … is that a real cop?

A 35-year-old Tustin resident, Richard Moore, has been arrested by Anaheim police for impersonating a police officer. According to the APD, officers received a report on Aug. 3 of a “suspicious vehicle” displaying what were described as “police-style lights” in the area of Euclid Street and Cerritos Avenue.

Moore was located and in the investigation that followed, evidence was collected that led to his arrest. Detectives believe that the suspect may have interacted with people while posing as a law enforcement officer.

Anyone who made have had contact with Moore in Anaheim in which he presented himself as a policeman is asked to call Detective Andre Pedroza at (714) 765-1966. In an area other than Anaheim, call your local law enforcement agency.


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