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HB candidate list grows to 23

A TOTAL of 23 people have taken ot=ut nomination papers for office in Huntington Beach (Shutterstock).

A total of 23 people have taken out nomination papers for Huntington Beach City Council and city attorney in the fall election, but only four have returned those papers and only three have been declared qualified for the county register of voters.

According to information posted by the city clerk’s office Tuesday morning, here is how things stand. Incumbents are marked with an asterisk* .

City Council

  • Bobby Britton
  • Brian Burley
  • Patrick Burns
  • Gina Clayton-Tarvin
  • David Clifford
  • Vera Fair
  • Jeffrey Hansler
  • Amory Hanson (also filed and qualified)
  • Jill Hardy
  • Kenneth Inouye
  • Wesam Jreisat
  • Casey McKeon
  • William O’Connell
  • Michael Olsberg
  • John Pierarski
  • Robert Reider
  • Oscar Rodriguez (also filed and qualified)
  • Tony Strickland (also filed)
  • Gabrielle Samiy 
  • Gracey Van Der Mark
  • Mike Vogler (also filed and qualified)

City Attorney

  • Scott Field
  • Michael Gates.*

The deadline is Friday, Aug. 12. If an eligible incumbent doesn’t file for re-election, the deadline is extended to Saturday, Aug. 13 at 5 p.m. The election is Tuesday, Nov. 8.


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