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“Zero COVID’ sparks protests

CHINA’S strict “zero COVID” policies have led to protests (Shutterstock).

Strict measures to battle COVID-19 in China have led to widespread protests in that country.

According to the Associated Press, the government’s “zero COVID” policies have caused much resentment by limiting people’s freedom of movement. Some buildings have had their doors chained shut or otherwise been blocked from opening.

Protesters chanting “Xi Jinping [China’s president] Step Down” and “Unlock China” have  been reported in several cities including the capitol city of Beijing and Shanghai.

Social media posts complaining about the issue have been removed by order of the Communist government there.

U.S. rushes to get weapons to Ukraine


The nine-month war between Russia and Ukraine has led the United States and Western allies to rush weapons and ammunition to the battled nation.

Ukraine’s armed forces have used those missile and artillery shells to drive the invader back, but – according to The New York Times – the defenders have fired so many shells and missiles at their enemies they are burning through them faster than their allies can manufacture them.

NATO nations are now moving to increase production as well as find alternate sources for weaponry.

Sports: Trojans defeat Notre Dame

Caleb Williams passed for 232 yards and accounted for five touchdowns as USC (10-1) defeated Notre Dame (8-4) 38-27 on Saturday at the Coliseum.

The victory enhanced the sixth-ranked Trojans’ chances of making the College Football Playoff, especially as second-ranked Ohio State (now 11-1) was beaten 45-23 by third-ranked Michigan (12-0) and ninth-ranked Oregon (9-3) lost 21-9 to Oregon State.

On Friday, UCLA (9-3) defeated Cal 35-28.

In NFL action on Sunday, the Los Angeles Rams (3-7) will be in Kansas City (8-2) to play the Chiefs, and the Los Angeles Chargers (5-5) are on the road to play the Arizona Cardinals (4-7).

Weather: Cooler and cooler

A cooling trend will start to take hold this week in the West Orange County area as temperatures dip into the mid-60s. According to the National Weather Service, the daytime high for Sunday will be 70 under mostly sunny skies. The nighttime low will hit 47.

Monday will be partly sunny with a high of 65 and a low of 49. Tuesday should be similar with a high of 65 and a low of 46. By Thursday the daytime high will dip to 62.

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