Principal fell to his death

A WESTMINSTER man who had been the principal of a Huntington Beach school fell to his death Saturday night, according to police (Flickr/Adam Smith).

A Westminster man who had been the principal at a school in Huntington Beach fell to his death Saturday night from a parking structure at Disneyland.


According to the Anaheim Police Department, Christopher Christensen, 51, principal of Newland Elementary School, was found dead around 9 p.m. when there was a report of a man having fallen from the Mickey & Friends parking building.

Christensen’s death is believed to be a suicide, say police.  He had been arrested in November on a misdemeanor charge of child endangerment and battery, and wrote in a Facebook post that “I am on the brink of losing my job …writing my final post to all of you.”

He was scheduled to appear in court on Monday. He had pled not guilty to the charges.

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